Sky is the Limit for SaveOn

As a longtime marketing company, SaveOn has seen everything from economic boom to nationwide recession. Although it hasn’t always been an easy journey, the company has taken each ebb and flow as a learning experience. Its business model is built for growth and new opportunities but is prepared for crisis and external economic uncertainty. That’s why when the COVID-19 pandemic came suddenly and mercilessly, SaveOn was prepared.

“SaveOn is not afraid of a challenge,” SaveOn President and CEO Heather Uballe said. “When the pandemic hit, and businesses started pausing services, we didn’t sit back and wait for something to happen. We jumped into action.”

The company — which strives to save people money by connecting them with savings from trusted, local businesses — knew the pandemic had the potential to result in tough financial situations for both businesses and Savers.

“Our plan was to help keep businesses alive, while providing Savers with deals at a time when they needed them most,” Uballe said. “We had to help educate our business partners on the importance of not cutting off marketing and going quiet during tumultuous times.”

The company put together educational materials such as webinars and blogs, while having its sales team work with businesses to make sure they were supported beyond selling, she continued. SaveOn also put together a program to give local businesses free microsites where they could showcase their services, offers and more to potential customers.

“Sales weren’t our top priority. People were,” Uballe said. “We made sure our team, business partners and Savers all felt safe, secure and supported first and foremost. Next, we wanted to lift up local. We used our resources to give businesses with the most need free or discounted advertising, took to social media to encourage people to shop local, and adjusted our monthly giveaway program to provide much-needed materials to our communities.”

Some of SaveOn’s many charitable actions included:

  • Grocery giveaways
  • Team and club sponsorships
  • Donations of food, money and supplies to nonprofit organizations such as Grace Centers for Hope
  • Free microsites
  • Discounted advertisements
  • Social media and blog highlights of nonprofits

While many businesses and industries struggled throughout the pandemic and are still carefully navigating the recovery phase, SaveOn is one of the few exceptions. The company — which offers digital services, print coupons and mailers, and reaches nearly 3.5 million homes in the Detroit, Grand Rapids, Chicago and Twin Cities markets — not only remained open but also enhanced its digital service offerings and is now expanding into new markets:

  • In June 2021, SaveOn acquired Chicago-based Trader Magazine and its reach of 240,000 homes in the Chicagoland suburbs.
  • In its latest power move, SaveOn is going even further through a merger with Home Pros Guide in Davie, Florida, that will extend its reach to more than 1 million homes in South Florida.
  • Home Pros Guide will retain its name in the Florida market.

“We’ve been very blessed at SaveOn to have kept employees working throughout the pandemic and to be able to take on new business ventures,” Uballe said. “We never take a day for granted. We will continue to share our success by giving back to the communities we love and that have supported and built us up over the years.

“SaveOn is entering one of the most exciting times in our nearly 40-year history. Our team is energized and thrilled to continue to help businesses reach their fullest potential and help Savers Live Life for Less,” Uballe said. 

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About SaveOn
Together, with our trusted business partners, we are dedicated to helping Savers Live Life for Less by saving them time and money. We are passionate about the growth of our team, business partners and the communities we call home.

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