SaveOn Merges with Chicagoland’s Trader Magazine

Partnership expands savings and deals to readers of both publications

Discount devotees and coupon connoisseurs throughout the Chicago metropolitan area stand to put more power in their pocketbooks and wealth in their wallets with the recently announced merger of SaveOn and Trader Magazine.

The partnership between the two titans of consumer savings will benefit SaveOn and Trader Magazine customers as well as Chicagoland businesses. The merger will leverage the value power of both parties to create significant savings at favorite local businesses that will blow away Windy City residents, while simultaneously provide local businesses with new opportunities to expand their reach and attract new audiences.

“Excited doesn’t begin to describe how thrilled we are to announce this merger. We’re able to expand our service offerings to the southern areas of Chicagoland, while also expanding our extensive marketing products to the business partners of Trader Magazine,” said SaveOn President and CEO Heather Uballe. “The ultimate winners in this new alliance are the Chicago-area residents looking to get the best values for their households and make their dollar go further while supporting businesses in their community.”

Not only will savings-hunters benefit from the deal, but advertising partners for both companies will be able to broaden their reach to an entirely new customer base through tactics like digital marketing, social media advertising, direct mail and more. The merger will allow SaveOn to expand its existing footprint in the region by 100,000 additional homes. Trader Magazine will be able to expand by an additional 800,000 residences.

“We’re very happy to be able to offer our business partners new tools to reach a wider audience and help our customers benefit from valued savings,” said Trader Magazine co-owner Harold Hewitt.

“This partnership is a great opportunity for us to expand our services platform and extend SaveOn’s mission of helping consumers Live Life for Less,” added co-owner Joe Farneti.

Trader Magazine’s employees will be joining the SaveOn team in the merger, and SaveOn’s first mailer will be distributed in the newly expanded market area June 1.

About SaveOn

Together, with our trusted business partners, we are dedicated to helping Savers live life for less by saving them time and money. We are passionate about the growth of our team, business partners and the communities we call home. SaveOn serves the Chicago, Detroit, Twin Cities and West Michigan areas.

About Trader Magazine

Since 2009, Trader Magazine has been an excellent resource for your advertising needs. We will help you in reaching your local target market and get you connected to your community. Trader Magazine is, a high-quality, full-color publication, bound together in a neat, organized magazine that gives your product the best representation available. It is mailed to more than 30 towns in the Chicagoland suburbs nine times each year.

Chicago Online Deals

Deals You Don’t Want to Miss – Chicago

FOMO is real. No one wants to miss out — especially when it comes to good deals. Luckily, we never let our friends miss out on savings. Here are the coupons Chicagoans have loved all month long, so you can get in on the SaveOn fun and live life for less.

Get Your Gyro On

You don’t have to go to Greece to get a great gyro — but a trip to Greece doesn’t sound half bad. Larsa’s Kitchen Express is a must in Chicago if you’re craving gyros. This month, tons of you have been using the $5 off coup at Larsa’s, and we want to make sure anyone who hasn’t yet can. And no one’s stopping you from using it every time you visit this month (hint, hint).

$5 off any purchase of $25 or more at Larsa’s

A Night You Won’t Forget (Probably)

The only thing better than a night out with your girls is a night in with vodka. You can get Skyy Vodka for $10.99 at Dundee Exxon/Subway. It also has deals on tons of other types of alcohol like Jose Cuervo, Corona, White Claw and all kinds of wine.

 $10.99 Skyy Vodka at Dundee Exxon

Fiesta Time

Sammy’s Mexican Grill is taking $20 off any order of $70 or more. This deal is perfect because you and your partner can ball out on a date or you can get a group together and split the tab. Either way, you’re getting tons of great food and an even better time.

$20 off any order of $70 or more at Sammy’s Mexican Grill

No matter where you are in life, we want you to live life for less. Our goal is to help you live your best life and do more by making your money stretch further. With SaveOn, you’ll be able to buy that extra shirt, get those new windows or take the vacation you’ve needed for years. We have deals from so many of your favorite businesses in Chicagoland. Check out our website for savings on retail and fashion, home improvement, automotive, health and beauty, groceries, and more.